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What we wear is most often both an expression of how we feel and how we want to feel. Everyone has a favourite bag, accessory, or a pair of shoes, and we stick to our favourites because the familiarity formed with them over time carries a great sense of comfort with it, too. There’s a reason they’re called “go-to” pieces. When something is created as a result of beautiful craftsmanship, these pieces become all the more special, with every intricate detail carefully placed to create something unique – something that is yours and yours alone. Inspired by the concept ‘Leather is a Timeless Companion’, Kompanero, India’s premium designer bags and accessories brand, is bringing back the art of traditional handcrafting to create timeless leather bags with a distinctive weathered look, vintage appeal and contemporary design.

From backpacks to chic sling bags/handbags to portfolio work bags , we have options to suit every need and personal style. So explore the expansive range of beautifully crafted leather handbags online at Kompanero.

Sustainable Leather Bags 

Are you into slow fashion like us?  Then take a look at the different departments we stock our leather bags into 

  • Hand Bags – Kompanero houses a fabulous collection of women handbags which are seasonless, exquisitely handcrafted and vibrantly coloured. Handcrafted from top quality full grain vegetable tanned leather, these designer bags are sure to grab attention wherever you go. 
  • Sling Bags – For the women who like travelling light, our range of sling bags are thoughtfully designed to fit more without looking bulky and made from only the best possible leather and crafted with love by local artisans. Just like the other leather bags, these too are seasonless and are sure to impress you.
  • Backpacks- Class meets minimalist style with our backpacks.  Loved by men and women equally, our backpacks ooze of that retro vibe and are reliable options to carry all your essentials. With roomy interiors, zip pockets for your knick knacks and vegetable tanned soft leather, our backpacks are built to last. 
  • Messenger Bags- Our messenger bags which are proudly worn across the chest are a man’s ideal mates for travelling etc. Always the giver, one can pour all their accessories into him and he will keep them safe for you! It looks effortlessly cool and is extremely functional at the same time and that’s a rare find. We have them in dark neutral shades with a lot of pocket storage and good looks    
  • Portfolio Bags- Work bags that mean BUSINESS. Everyone knows that a cluttered space is not great for your mental health. With Kompanero’s range of work bags, you will never feel that out of control with it’s functional design as well as style quotient. Our work bags have interior and exterior compartments, zip pockets, laptop slots, pen holders as well as mobile phone slots which will give you the confidence to seize the day! Functional on the inside, and oh so good looking on the outside made with good quality full grain leather and modern designs oozing a vintage dream, work just got a lot better with these on your shoulder
  • Duffel Bags- Need the perfect companion for a weekend getaway or business trip? Look no further because Kompanero has some of the best leather duffel bags to offer. With contemporary designs, leather that can endure heavy handling and looks to make heads turn, it is built for the explorer in you. All our duffel bags have spacious interiors and smart organizational design. 

Buy Leather bags Online on Kompanero

Every Kompanero product is a unique piece of art- no two bags are alike. Do visit our stores or website and keep an eye out for any special offers that maybe running and invest in leather bags which will get better with age and carry your world in style. 

Bags - FAQs

1. Things to keep in mind while buying genuine leather bags online?

Buying genuine leather bags online can be tricky as we cannot physically touch and smell the product to understand its authenticity. Hence, while buying online, one should always reach about the brand, what kind of leather do they use etc. If you use full grain or top grain leather, then you can be rest assured that you are investing in a high quality durable accessory. Do not purchase bags made of bonded leather as these are treated with carcinogenic chemicals and will crack and peel easily too. We are proud to state that all Kompanero bags are made from full grain leather. Also, investing in designer bags which are vegetable tanned is helpful to Mother earth. 

2. What kind of leather do designer bags use?

Generally most designer bags would use either top grain or full grain leather. Full grain leather has the entire grain layer without any removal of the surface. It displays the most natural characteristic of leather. As it ages, it will develop a rich patina. It has all natural marking and distresses which adds personality to the leather bags. 

Top grain leather is the second highest quality leather after full grain. Here the top layer is sanded and buffed. At Kompanero, all our bags are made of full grain leather. Most designer bags would do the same.

3. Where can I find trendy bags for both men & women? 

Kompanero has countless options for trendy designer bags online. It is really difficult to choose a few In the Womens bag section, Athenian the sling has been our bestseller since our inception. With it’s signature Kompanero weave studded with rivets and handpainted metallic finish, it’s the perfect sling to make your evening look uber stylish. Another huge hit from recent times is our Rattan collection inspired from Bali. In Mens bags, Marco the Portfolio has always been winning hearts since we launched. Marco has double the pockets and hence twice the space for your paraphernalia. With it’s distressed darkened edges, this one is a stunner. We also have an excellent range of casual backpacks for the cool office look as well as some serious travelling. In women accessories, wallets like Betty, Ruby and Alexis are classics whereas Men accessories proudly boasts of hits like Alex the sneaker and our soft leather jackets. 

4. How to choose the best bag for casual & work use?

While shopping for leather bags online, there are a couple of factors which we can consider to make the correct choice. If you are looking for a work bag, then one should factor in if you travel a lot, do you use public transport or personal car/bike, how many things do you generally carry hence how many pockets do they need. A Work bag with a shoulder strap will ensure you don’t develop joint pains while riding a bike or using public transport. In Kompanero, you can always buy an adjustable shoulder strap for your bag. If you like carrying a lot of stuff around, then bags such as Marco have multiple pockets to keep your items organized. If you like moving around light, then a minimalistic simple bag like Juliet or Reuben will do the trick. Backpacks are extremely comfortable for bikers!  

If you are looking for a casual bag, then one’s personal style is the most important factor. Are you a mother with a young child? Then our big spacious bags such as Iris-the Handbag and Brielle- the shoulder bag are perfect to store all your and your kid’s stuff. If you don’t like strutting around with a lot of stuff and just only need a cute space for your phone and keys then slings such as Zen and Floret would catch your eye. We have a riveting range of messenger bags to compliment the casual look for men. Charlie and Cooper would be our top picks in messenger bags. 

5. What does it mean by sustainable leather bags?

A sustainable leather bag is a byproduct of farming and agriculture. The animals were not used for the sole purpose of using their leather for goods. Sustainable leather is only a by product of the meat industry. 

We ethically source our leather from our in house tannery which is AWG Gold certified. We use vegetable tanning which uses natural tannins from tree barks. This is in comparison to the more popular chrome tanning which is carcinogenic to humans as well as Mother earth. Also, a lot of our processes involve handcraftsmanship hence our industrial processes are low impact. All our packaging, store materials, bag inner linings etc are plastic free. All of these makes our bags sustainable and eco-friendly.
The alternative to leather bags is synthetic bags which are neither biodegradable or recyclable.


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