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What we wear expresses both how we feel and how we want to feel a lot of the time.

Read more/less We all have a favorite bag, accessory, or pair of shoes that we stick to because the comfort we've built with them over time provides us with a sense of protection. There's a reason they're called "go-to" pieces. When something is created with care and attention to detail, each intricate detail is carefully placed to create something special – something that is uniquely yours and yours alone.Kompanero, India's premium designer bag and accessory brand, is reviving the art of traditional handcrafting to create timeless leather bags and branded backpacks with a distinct weathered look, antique appeal, and modern style. From backpacks to stylish duffel bags to trolley bags, we have options to fit every need and personal style. So, take a look at the beautiful leather big travel bags that are available.
Kompanero for the best big leather bags!

At Kompanero, there are a plethora of fashionable designer large size bags to choose from. Making a decision among the options is extremely difficult. As far as travel bags go, the company offers both luxury trolleys and duffel bags. 

In 2019, the company debuted their paragon leather trolleys, which will undoubtedly be a time-travel enthusiast's first option. It's a lovely mix of retro and contemporary, with useful interior features like elastics and dividers. The trolley comes in two classic colour combinations: black and white, and it is 100% MADE IN ITALY.

The collection's production base is a body composed of aluminum profiles that is later coated with a Polyurethane/Polyamide mix, as well as angles, zippers, and closures made of chromed steel. All of the pieces featured have a traditional front belt, which has its own style purity and minimalist approach. 

A leather duffle bag is also a must-have option amongst men and women bags, for people who are always on the move. It's perfect for carrying small luggage and fits neatly in the trunk of your vehicle. A leather duffle bag isn't just a fine travel companion; it's also ideal arm candy.


Big Bags - FAQs

1. How sustainable are big travel bags? 

A by-product of farming and agriculture is a sustainable leather bags. The animals were not bred solely for the purpose of making leather goods. The meat industry produces sustainable leather as a by-product. 

For all the big size bags, leather is ethically sourced from our in-house tannery, which is AWG Gold certified. We use natural tannins from tree barks in our vegetable tanning. This is in contrast to the more common chrome tanning, which is both human and environmental carcinogenic. Furthermore, since many of our processes require handcrafting, our manufacturing processes have a low environmental effect.

All of our packaging, shop fabrics, bag inner linings, and other materials are free of plastic. All of this contributes to the sustainability and environmental friendliness of our packs. 

2. Things to keep in mind while buying big luggage bags? 

Purchasing genuine leather big luggage bags online can be difficult because we are unable to personally inspect and smell the item to determine its authenticity. As a result, when shopping online, inquire about the brand, the type of leather used, and so on. 

If you use full grain or top grain leather, you can be sure you're getting a high-quality, long-lasting accessory. Avoid buying bags made of bonded leather, which have been processed with carcinogenic chemicals and are prone to cracking and peeling. All Kompanero products are made from full grain leather, which we are very proud of. Investing in large travel bag that is vegetable tanned is also beneficial to Mother Nature.

3. Which type of large travel bags are used more widely? 

At Kompanero, there are a plethora of big size travel bags to choose from. Making a decision among the options is extremely difficult. As far as big size bag for travel goes, the company offers both luxury trolleys and duffel bags.

  • Aluminium Trolley Bags In 2019, the company released their Paragon leather trolleys, which have quickly become a favourite among time-travel enthusiasts. With functional interiors like elastics and dividers, it's a wonderful bridge between retro and contemporary design. The trolley is available in a variety of classic colour combinations and is 100% MADE IN ITALY. The foundation is made up of a body with aluminium profiles that are later coated with a Polyurethane/Polyamide mix, as well as chromed steel angles, zippers, and closures. All of the products listed come with a traditional front belt, which is distinguished by its simplicity of design and minimalist approach.
  • Leather Trolley Bags – The company also sells leather trolleys in addition to aluminium trolleys. These tan leather trolleys come in two sizes and a variety of colours. Attache - There is a logo on the front of the Trolley suitcase. With a retractable handle and rotatable corner-mounted inline skate wheels, there are two handles on the top and one on the foot. Valise – The Trolley suitcase has similar features to Barran and is available in a larger size. Both of these authentic leather trolleys feature a zipper closure, four small wheels, and three separate compartments to organise your belongings.
  • Duffel Bags – Duffel bags are the ideal travel companion when you're travelling with your family and need to check a few extra pounds. A duffel bag comes to the rescue, allowing you to get rid of the extra weight while still saving money. 
3. Does a big leather bag tear if we carry heavy weight?

Kompanero's luggage bags big size can comfortably be used as a regular travel bag used to carry weights, with a little care to be taken. A leather backpack is made entirely of the same material inside out. So, if you trust the bag to be sturdy, you're also putting your confidence in the belts. Since straps are the first bearers of weight, Kompanero pays special attention to them and not only the body of the bag. As a result, there are multiple layers of leather on straps alone. So, the next time you question the belts, keep in mind that they are made up of multiple layers.

Kompanero has a variety of duffel bags in various sizes which can also comfortably used to carry heavy weights, according to the capacity of the duffel bag. A small duffel bag with a capacity of approximately 25 litres is ideal for carrying light items. The other sizes available are 35 ltrs and 45 ltrs, which the user can choose based on their needs.


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