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Kompanero’s Collection of Distinctive and Stylish Card Holders

In this day and age of digitization, people are quickly shifting from cash to smart cards.

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Even now, the majority of our monetary transactions involve a smartphone or a card.So, it only makes sense that the popularity of card holders has been on such an uprise. They also have multiple compartments which ensure all your cards are stored in an organised and effective way. Apart from great functionality, card holders look sleeker than regular leather wallets. So, if you are looking for a collection of classy card cases, then your search ends here. Kompanero brings you a versatile selection of card holders in minimalistic yet eye-catching designs.


Types of Card Holders Online on Kompanero 

From business card holders to ATM ones, you are guaranteed to find your desired options on the platform. Here are some of the best card holders available on Kompanero:

  • Bifold Card Case - As the name suggests, this type of card holder features a bi-fold design. The ideal option for everyday use, you can carry all your cards and ID’s in it. Due to its design, it is also sometimes referred to as the flip card case.
  • Zipper Card Case - This card holder is equipped with a sturdy zip closure to ensure all your cards are safe and secure. Although its design is slim and compact, you will be able to store most of your essentials in it.
  • Key-ring Card Case - Are you someone who tends to forget their slim wallets and card cases? If yes, then this card holder is perfect for you. Simply slide in all your essentials and clip the ring to your keys and never forget your ID or credit card again.

Shopping Guide to Choose the Ideal Card Holder

Investing in a card holder is beneficial. But before you buy one for yourself, check out these tips to help you choose the right one:

  • First and foremost, decide on the size of the card holder. Avoid going for card cases that are too bulky as it would be uncomfortable to carry them.
  • Another aspect you need to consider is the colour and design. Keep it simple with solid colours and minimal designs as it gives off a more professional look.
  • If you are looking for card holders to store various types of cards, then opt for a bifold card case. You can differentiate them by keeping one type of card on the left fold while the other one on the right.
  • If you are seeking a case for all your credit cards, going for one with zip closure would be beneficial as it would ensure all the cards are secure. 

Buy Sleek Card Holders Online on Kompanero

Every Kompanero product, be it wallets or coin cases, are a result of expert craftsmanship and intricate detailing. The platform also has a vast collection of men and women’s wallets, bags and belts, among other accessories. Be sure to also check out the trendy collection of passport wallets and choose your favourite one. Sign up right away to avail some exciting offers and discounts on your favourite products.


Card Holders - FAQs

1. What are the standard dimensions of a business card holder?

When it comes to a business card holder, there is no particular standard size. It varies from case to case, and one can pick it as per their preference. That said, slimmer and compact card holders are a great choice as they are easier to carry in your pockets.

Also, one of the features of a card holder is that even though it may look slim, it is more than enough to store all your cards and other essentials.

2. Is it safe to use leather made card holder?

Leather card holders are preferred by many as they are sleeker and stylish as compared to other materials. They are a popular choice among the masses for various other reasons such as:

Durability - Leather card holders are known to be durable and sturdier as opposed to those made from other materials. Although they may be slightly more expensive than its counterparts, leather is a stronger material. Hence,  they can withstand harsh climatic conditions without major wear and tear.

Fashionable - Leather card holders are luxurious and stylish. It is a timeless piece of fashion that only gets better with age. No matter what occasion you are planning to attend, you can always count on your leather card holders to lend that fashionable look.

Moisture resistant - One of the primary reasons why leather card holders are so popular is that they do not retain moisture. They are also resistant to fungal and mite attacks, making them last for a long time.

3. Why does one need a business card holder?

Whether you are working at a regular nine to five job or are a budding entrepreneur, having an appropriate means of carrying your contact cards is crucial. A business card holder ensures that you do not have to go through the embarrassment of handing out a crumpled, shabby-looking card.

Also, a business card holder enables you to come across as well presented at all times. Any individual you meet has the potential to become a client, and so offering them a well-preserved card creates an excellent first impression. A business card holder also ensures that all of your cards are stored in one place and are easily accessible.

4. Where can I buy the best card holders online?

When it comes to buying card holders online, you would want to choose a trustworthy brand, and Kompanero is your one-stop-shop to buy the best ones. You can browse through the versatile collection of card holders and choose your ideal one.

From bifold card holders to keyring ones, the wide assortment of options on the platform ensures that there is something for everyone. You can also choose them based on the features and colours they come in. Many of them come with multiple slots to hold various cards you need on a daily basis. 

5. What are card cases made up of?

When it comes to card cases, there is no one particular type. Card cases can be made of various materials depending on occasion and preference. While every card case material has its own pros and cons, leather is more popular due to its durability and looks. The piece-dyed variant is particularly popular when it comes to leather card cases.



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