Coin Case


Free your hands from coins and keys with Kompanero’s Collection of Coin Cases

Always struggling with change tossed somewhere amongst a million other things in your tote? Like looking for a pin in a haystack aint it?

Read more/less Invest in a beautifully crafted leather coin purse from Kompanero and find the ideal storage for all your small belongings. It is a practical accessory made with top quality vegetable tanned leather and doesnt occupy much space.Best part is that it is suitable for both him and her. While some like Harriett are simple with a single zip closure, Imogen has a double zip compartment. They come in an eco-friendly reusable cloth dust bag  and are available in a number of colours and shapes. Apart from coins, feel free to use them to keep anything small under the sun like keys, cards, headphones etc. And jewelry or makeup for you women out there.


Perfect Gifting solution for all! 

Kompanero has a small curated assortment of leather coin pouches. Both handy and stylish, they are cute gifts for friends, family and colleagues that will surely bring a smile on their face. There are some feminine silhouettes in the coin purse for ladies such as Harriett however overall all our leather coin purses are gender neutral. Made from the finest leather and playful designs makes them a unique gift for all. Do not forget to tick our gifting services checkbox during checkout to send something special to that loved one. Apart from this, Kompanero offers a wide range of mens wallets, passport wallets and slim wallets amongst other accessories.  


Coin Cases - FAQs

1. How do you maintain a branded leather coin purse? 

Leather coin cases by Kompanero will be your mate for life if taken care for. They really do not require a ton of maintenance as long as you keep them dry and clean. If you still wish to, then you may choose to use a leather conditioner once every quarter to prevent cracks from forming. If the leather coin purse gets dirty, use a damp cloth and gently wipe it. If the leather coin pouch gets wet due to rain or spill, let is dry naturally and do not keep it inside your wardrobe till it is completely dry. Always store leather coin purses in a breathable fabric such as the cloth dust bag given by us at the time of purchase. We recommend doing this for slim wallets, passport wallets and mens wallet as well. 

2. What can be other uses of leather coin case? 

Apart from the obvious utility of keeping coin change in a coin case, leather coin pouches can be used in many ways. For example, Coin purse for ladies can be used to house earrings, lipsticks and other makeup. Leather coin purses can also be used to store your earplugs, keys and other small important things you own. It is a truly versatile accessory which is useful to have around the house. 

3. Where can I find best leather coin purse online?

Kompanero has a small but carefully curated collection of leather coin pouches. All these mens and womens coin purses are made of vegetable tanned full grain leather and are practical accessories available in a number of colours and shapes. While Grais and harriet are single zip simple yet elegant coin purse for ladies, Imogen is styled more unisex and has more storage as well. 

4. Is the coin case a unisex product?

Yes absolutely! Leather Coin purses by Kompanero are designed keeping in mind aesthetics of both gender resulting in a gender neutral product. Be it the colors or silhouette, this leather coin pouch will surely add poise to your personality while keeping your change organized. 


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