Crossbody Bags

Stylish and convenient crossbody handbags

For women who want to keep their hands free while ensuring their bag is safe on their back, a crossbody bag is one of the best choices.

Read more/less This bag style is ideal for any woman, from busy college students to moms who don't want to cram all of their belongings into a diaper bag and choose to keep their purse separate from their children's belongings. Crossbody bags not only free up your hands, but they also appear to be small to medium in size. That is, they can carry the essentials without taking up too much room or making it difficult to maneuver across tight spaces. There are also several trendy choices available, making this type of bag as attractive as it is practical.
Best crossbody bags from Kompanero.
  1. Brette – Brette lets you keep your basics organized and available. It has an inner and back zip pocket, with a cotton lining inside.
  2. Aurora – The bag features long straps and rivets on the front, ensuring hassle-free evenings for all the ladies. Your essentials are conveniently held in the top zip bag with a fun tassel puller. 
  3. Roadster – Kompanero's high-end crossbody bag is sure to turn heads. For an adventure trip outfit, pair this bag with one of your favorite tees, slim jeans, and patent pumps.
  4. Janis – Janis is a must-have piece for your spring wardrobe. This is an authentic leather bag with abstract laser cuts.

Crossbody Bags - FAQs

1. Does leather crossbody bags count as carry-on bags? 

A leather crossbody bag will, of course, be used as a carry-on during business trips. When you're flying and need to catch up on work emails or work on a critical excel file for a client meeting, or when you need to make last-minute changes to a presentation just before landing, a crossbody bag is the perfect solution. You can store your laptop or tablet in these bags along with other essentials like a charger, notebook, headphones, pen, and other items so that they're all within reach when you need them.

Kompanero caters to all of these requirements by providing luxury designer crossbody bags made of authentic leather that have been vegetable tanned and is available in a variety of colours including tan, cognac, blue, and dark brown. The brand makes leather crossbody bags and accessories that are handcrafted and will set you apart from the crowd, ensuring that you fly in style even for a business meeting.

2. Are designer crossbody bags a unisex product?

Without a doubt! Kompanero's leather crossbody bags are made with both male and female aesthetics in mind, resulting in a gender-neutral product. These leather bags will definitely bring poise to your style while keeping your change organised, whether it's because of the colours or the silhouette. All of our online designer crossbody bags are gender-neutral. They're both practical and trendy, and they come in a range of textures and colours to fit various designs.

For men, it gives a professional appearance while still allowing you to be functional. It's the perfect choice for people who just need to bring a laptop/macbook, an iPad/tab, and a few other essentials to work. In comparison to a purse, which takes more time to take down and open up, it is easier for women to reach into and find something. Kompanero’ Aurora & Brette collections offer cute crossbody bags which  are fashionable and light on the shoulders.

3. What are different types of crossbody bags? 

Crossbody Bags are a type of small leather bags that are similar to Clutch & Handheld Bags in several ways. Designers and buyers alike are interested in both styles of bags because they are suitable for a number of occasions. The distinction between the two types is that while clutch and handheld bags don't have straps and aren't intended to be worn (just held), crossbody have a single strap that can be worn over the shoulder. Since all of its bags are designed to be worn only on one shoulder, the Crossbody category is kept separate from the Backpack and Waist Bag categories.

  • Baguette Bag – A Baguette Bag is a long, narrow handbag that resembles a French baguette in form. Aiden -The crossbody from Kompanero is a perfect example of a baguette crossbody bag.
  • Fringe Bag – The Fringe Bag is a 1970s signature bag with leather or suede fringe that dangles from the bag and sways with your every step. Vipasa - The Crossbody from Komapnero is a fun and playful bag that still catches the bohemian spirit of the 70’s.
  • Bucket Bag – The Bucket Bag is named for its bucket-like shape, which has a rounded base and a drawstring cinched opening. The Bucket Bag is usually made of leather and is famous for its flexible use case. Madame, Kompanero's Crossbody bag is handcrafted from vegetable tanned leather with rivets for a great retro look.
4. How sustainable are leather crossbody bags?

A sustainable crossbody bag is one made from ethically sourced leather that is a by-product of the meat industry. Kompanero places a strong emphasis on sustainable leather sourcing. In reality, our in-house tannery is LWG Gold certified, the highest possible global standard. The majority of the leather we use in men accessories, women bags and all other accessories is vegetable tanned, and although this method is more costly than the more common chrome tanning (which is carcinogenic to humans and the environment), it is the responsible, sustainable alternative we prefer to use natural tannins from tree barks.

We spend a lot of money on cutting-edge technologies and equipment that not only do the job but also look after the environment in terms of waste and water management. All of our product packaging, store products,messenger bag inner linings, warranty stickers, and other accessories are free of plastic. All of this contributes to the sustainability and environmental friendliness of our leather products. Plastic crossbody bags are an alternative to leather crossbody bags, but they are neither biodegradable or recyclable. If you care about the setting, Kompanero is the place to shop for crossbody bags.


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