Kompanero’s Collection of Stylish Keychains – the custodian of your keys 

A key is a very powerful object which has the ability to halt or propel our lives. We carry them with us everywhere we go.  

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Hence every key must have a reliable keychain to house it. Fashion is as important as use for all of us today. Also, you are more likely to easily find your keys when an attractive key chain has been attached to them.So, if you are looking for a collection of classy leather keychains online, then your search ends here. Kompanero brings you a versatile selection of designer keychains in minimalistic yet eye-catching designs. Men accessories and women accessories is an important focus area in Kompanero as these products help our lives stay stylish and organized


Types of Keychains Online on Kompanero 

Depending on your requirement, there are broadly two categories of branded keychains available on Kompanero

  1. Functional- fits the purpose. Products like Carbani, Sophia and Earcna are fashionable keychains that serve the purpose of housing multiple keys in a secure manner while looking fashionable all at the same time.
  2. “ Double Duty” FINDERS, NOT LOSERS Our leather keychains such as William and Bowie can work double duty to help. We tend to scatter things like headphones and coins carelessly inside our big handbags and then search with frustration when we urgently need them. With Kompanero keychains with additional pockets, your change is never loose. Your lipstick never astray. These can house small loose things such as coins, lipstick etc apart from your precious keys. 

Shopping Guide to Choose the Ideal Keychain

  • First and foremost, decide on the number of keys you need to hang in it. If it is just 1-2 keys then our product Earcna would be sleek, small and perfect for you. If you need to store multiple keys such as 3+, then you can opt for Carbani or Sophia etc. If you would like to also keep stray items such as coins, lipstick etc along with the keys all together in one place then you can opt for products like William and Bowie. Regardless of purpose, all our designer keychains are fashionable, durable and will meet all your needs.
  • Second aspect to think about is colour and shape. You have the usual Kompanero favourites like cognac and brown however we also offer bright fun colours such as mustard, red etc to jazz up your look! 

Buy Designer keychains Online on Kompanero

Every Kompanero product, be it wallets or keychains, are a result of expert craftsmanship and intricate detailing. Our website also has a wide range of men and women’s bags, shoes and belts, among other accessories. Be sure to also check out the trendy collection of small leather accessories and choose your favourite one. Visit the website to avail some exciting offers and discounts on your favourite products.  

Perfect Gifting solution for all! 

Kompanero has a large assortment of keychains made in genuine leather. Both handy and elegant, our key chains are ideal gift options for friends, family and colleagues. Choose from various shape and colours and avail our gifting services during checkout to send the perfect gift to that loved one. Apart from this, Kompanero offers a wide range of other small leather accessories for men and women such as passport wallets, spectacle cases, belts etc. 


Keychains FAQs

1. Where can I buy leather keychains for an affordable price?

If you are looking for keychains made with good quality genuine leather then one can find them at an affordable price at Kompanero. Some of the best-selling designer keychains, also known as keyholders are 



Kompanero brings to you the best and most reliable products for small leather accessories including keyholders online. Depending on the numbers of keys you need to store and your colour preferences, there is a choice for every single one of you at Kompanero. 

2.What is the difference between keychain and keyring? 

There is no real difference between the two for our range. Keyring traditionally refers to a holder to hang just 1-2 rings whereas keychains can hold multiples rings at a time. However, the terms are often used interchangeably by all nowadays.

3. Is it safe to use leather keyholders?

 Of course, it is absolutely safe to use branded leather keyholders. In fact, it is preferred by many for the below reasons 

  • Durability- the leather used is more durable than other materials. Hence even though leather is more expensive, it is long lasting and less resistant to wear and tear. 
  • Fashionable- leather keyholders are more sleek and stylish compared to their counterparts. Aesthetics is always a factor in keychains for women and hence buying a leather keychain online is a smart choice. 
  • Moisture resistant- One of the primary reasons why leather key holders are so popular is that they do not retain moisture. Leather keyholders are also immune to fungal attacks, making them last for a long time.

4. How long do designer keychains last? 

Designer keychains by Kompanero will last a lifetime if kept well. Our vegetable tanned leather develops its own character over time. You can keep the keychain in your pocket or purse or even hang it from your belt. The patina will get darker and richer as it ages. That’s what will make our natural veg tanned leather key holders a heritage item. 

In order to maintain your keychain, you can do the below things to ensure it serves you a long time 

  • If the leather keychain is getting too DRY or developing cracks then, gently rub a leather conditioner into the leather.
  • If the leather keychain is dirty, use a damp cloth and give it a wipe down. Do not add any soap or chemical to the water.
  • If the leather keychain gets WET, dry it naturally in room temperature. 

5.What can be other uses of keycases?

Leather keychains by Kompanero also double up as storage for random strays usually lying in your bag such as lipbalms, coins etc. It is really frustrating when you urgently need change and have to sift through a million other things to find it. 



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