Ladies Purse

Carry a purse which makes a style statement

Sling bags, shoulder bags, handbags, and back packs in the brand's classic chic-yet-vintage look are all part of the KOMPANERO range

Read more/less Kompanero's has to offer stylish purse for ladies, both visually appealing and practical as a reliable carry-all. The authentic leather purses are handcrafted and come in a beautiful colour palette of cognac, brown, and yellow to catch the brand's retro vibe. With utility pockets, each piece is a reliable choice for carrying necessities and much more. The collection features a combination of single and two-tone effects with an eye-catching appeal. For frequent escapes, the collection is a perfect companion for young enthusiasts.


Which bag to choose? KOMPANERO has a solution!

Passport Wallets - Keep track of your belongings as you ride. Passport and boarding pass slots, coin pouches for foreign currency, and card slots for credit cards are also included in our travel wallets.

Wallets - Our men's and women's wallets are made from full grain leather with meticulous attention to detail and come in a variety of textures, colours, and sizes.

Clutch - Clutch is a lightweight handbag that can be kept in your hand or under your belt. The Clutch is a small bag with no straps or handles that is commonly used for evening occasions to hold minimal essentials such as a laptop, credit cards, or cosmetics.

Card Holders & Coin Purse - Dedicated pouches for storing your cards and coins while maintaining an effortlessly cool appearance.

Make a style statement with KOMPANERO.

If you fly to work on a regular basis, you're familiar with the routine of carrying items such as a laptop computer, files, papers, chargers, and a wallet. Although you can always wear a casual backpack, opting for a luxury leather purse will make you feel lighter and help you stand out in a crowd. Interior and exterior compartments, laptop computer slots, pen and mobile phone holders are all included in Kompanero's wide variety of purses for ladies, giving you complete control and courage to seize the day! It is made of vegetable tanned full grain leather and is useful on the inside. Being a women as well as men accessories, it has a contemporary look with a retro ambiance and is extremely durable.

What goes into your purse?

Things that can go into a ladies purse bag can be –

  1. Wallet
  2. Travel pack of tissues
  3. Sanitiser
  4. Chapstick
  5. Bobby-pins & hair ties
  6. Business cards
  7. Medications
  8. Headphones

And few more knick-knacks.


Ladies Purse - FAQs

1. How to style different ladies leather purses with different outfits? 

Leather purses come in different shapes and sizes. Kompanero offers premium quality designer womens purses, which are made out of 100% genuine full grain leather. Different types of ladies leather purse can be matched with the type of outfit one picks up.

Sling Purse – A sling can be styled by a college student, a working women as well as a home-maker. It is an accessory which would go with a plain denim and white look, also is a perfect match with a floral dress or a pastel coloured dress.

Clutch – Having a date night or a cocktail party, a clutch is something which you can carry with your ‘Little Black Dress’ without even thinking twice.

Satchels – It is a unisex>messenger bag, which can be styled equally by both men and women.

Crossbody – If you want to travel light with just one check-in luggage and a small purse which can hold your travel essentials like passport, boarding pass, mobile, ipad and some other knick-knacks, a crossbody is just enough. It helps in staying organised and travelling hands-free at the same time.

2. What is the safest type of women purse to travel with? 

All the purses are to be taken care of equally, as they hold most of your valuable essentials like currency cards, cash, id proofs, etc. Above said, amongst all the options available any purse with a long strap will be a safer option to carry your belongings. The long strap would help to carry the bag in a crossbody fashion, in which the strap will be on one shoulder and the purse onto the opposite hip.

3. Things to keep in mind while buying ladies' purses online? 

Purchasing genuine leather ladies purse online can be difficult because the product cannot be physically touched or smelled to determine its authenticity. As a result, when purchasing from a website, one should always do some research to learn more about the brand, such as what kind of leather they use to make leather ladies purse, and so on.

If a company claims to use full grain or top grain leather, you can rest assured that the ladies purse will be of high quality and worth your money. The bag would be both cost-effective and long-lasting. Stop purchasing bonded leather purses because they are treated with carcinogenic chemicals and are easy to crack and peel.

Kompanero is proud to say that full grain leather is still used in the manufacture of all of their leather ladies purses. Additionally, purchasing a fancy ladies purse that is vegetable tanned contributes to the cause of sustainability.

4. How durable are branded purse for women?

Natural oils and tannins are used in all of our leather purses. It is easier for it to biodegrade over time because it is a permeable material, as opposed to plastic or other synthetic materials. These natural oils and tannins help the leather to maintain its elasticity over time. These natural ingredients also help to extend the life of leather and provide sturdiness to the purse, giving it a natural finish. 

Kompanero's leather is ethically sourced from our AWG Gold Certified in-house tannery. All of our brand's packaging is free of plastic; for example, the inner lining is made of cotton. Using In-house tannery leather makes us 100% confident about the durability of our products.

All our women bags, men bags and accessories are offered in a cotton dust bag to preserve over time. It is the best means to store your branded purse for women, as that would avoid any kind of wear and tear to the product caused due to weather or any other factors.


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