Rover - The laptop backpack

Available in 2 colors

Patrice - The Backpack

Available in 2 colors

Alessia - The Backpack

Available in 2 colors

Pietro - The Backpack

Available in 2 colors

Piper-The Backpack

Available in 2 colors

Roadster- The Backpack

Available in 2 colors

Harry-The Backpacker

Available in 3 colors

Hain- The Backpacker

Available in 2 colors


Popular Men’s Backpack Picks from Kompanero

Here are some of our favourite style backpack picks offered on the platform:

  1. Patrice - The Backpack: The Patrice men’s backpack range offers vintage designs that can be styled well by men. The innumerable pockets and smart zipper details make these bags exceptionally functional and convenient for everyday use. 
  2. Iris - The Backpack: This cut-out detail brown men’s backpack from Kompanero will make you the centre of attention wherever you go. The bag features a concealed zipper towards its back and multiple pockets for better storage.
  3. Hain - The Backpack: This men’s backpack makes for the perfect office bag as it features a laptop sleeve, front pockets, two compartments and a cotton lining on the inside. The large-sized bag is quite convenient for travel as it meets all your storage needs.
  4. Piper- The Backpack: If you prefer a funky yet sophisticated men’s leather backpack, this one is for you. The brown colour, along with handcrafted details, makes the bag quite impressive to look at.

Tips to Styling Men’s Leather Backpacks

Leather backpacks can be quite fun to style. Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Style the men’s backpack to work by pairing it up with a crisp white shirt and black trousers. Match your footwear and belt with the look and feel of the backpack.
  2. Pack your essentials into a spacious men’s backpack and style it with knee-high boots and a winter jacket while travelling during the winter months. 
  3. Style the backpack with a polo-shirt and chinos for a casual Sunday brunch. Finish off the look with a pair of smart loafers.
  4. Replace your gym duffle bags with more compact and comfortable backpacks that have a special water bottle storage compartment. Opt for a minimalistic design that complements your sportswear.
  5. If you find your laptop sling bag a little difficult to carry, replace it with a more comfortable black or tan backpack that matches better with your office wardrobe. 

Shop for Branded Backpacks for Men Online and More

Men’s backpacks that are comfortable, spacious and easy to maintain are a rare find. Kompanero’s range of leather backpacks for men offers all these three features and more. In addition to their spectacular product range for backpacks as well as women’s handbags, Kompanero dispatches items in two days and allows you to track packages easily. Sign up today for the Kompanero experience!


Men Backpacks - FAQs

1. How to select the best quality backpacks for Men?

Several factors govern the quality of men’s backpacks online. These include:

  1. Comfort: A branded backpack for men must be comfortable, especially if you intend to use it for an extended period at a time. It must sit comfortably on your back without the risk of causing pain or injury.
  2. Durability: Built quality of men’s leather backpacks can significantly impact how well they serve your needs. Backpacks for men with a well-stitched lining accompanied by double stitching is a sign of quality. If you intend to use your backpack to store heavy electronic equipment, ensure to buy one with a proper protection sleeve and cushioning.
  3. Activity Needs: A great quality men’s backpack should meet all their needs. If you intend to use it to carry electronic equipment or to store gear for a trekking trip, one should offer better cushioning while the other should be better spaced. 
2. How long do branded leather backpacks last?

Men’s leather backpacks can easily last anywhere from 30 to 40 years. The longevity of leather is high since the material is designed to withstand harsh temperatures and weather fluctuations. Several preservative oils are used to not only tan the surface giving the leather its authentic appearance but also protect it from losing its shine and texture. 

3. Are leather backpacks waterproof?

Men’s backpacks made from leather can never be 100% waterproof but can be water-resistant to a certain degree. If left in contact with water for an extended period, leather can start to show signs of rotting. It is therefore advisable to keep the leather protected from intense moisture and water.

4. How to choose the best backpack for office use?

Various factors must be kept in mind when shopping for the best men’s backpack for the workplace. This include:

  1. Laptop Sleeve or Compartment: Office backpacks for men must have a separate compartment to store electronic gadgets such as laptops and tablets. This gives the gadgets within men’s backpacks some extra protection during transit.
  2. Exterior Cushioning: Ensure that the outer body has ample cushioning so that the men’s backpack does not hurt the back or the shoulders. 
  3. Material: Opt for backpacks for men online that are not only easy to clean but to maintain as well. Leather backpacks are incredibly appropriate for this reason as they can last for several years with very little to no maintenance. 
5. Things to keep in mind while buying backpacks online?

Here are a few points to keep in mind when purchasing backpacks online:

  1. Dimensions: It is crucial to pick out a men’s backpack that is not too small nor too big for your needs. Always check for the backpack dimensions given on the website before making a purchase.
  2. Material: The build material of a men’s backpack can play a critical role in its functionality. For example, canvas material may be inappropriate for a rainy day. Always ensure the material used will serve your needs well.
  3. Personal Requirements: Analyse your requirements of a men’s backpack well in advance when shopping online. If your purpose is to pick out a men's backpack for travel purposes, the interior may need to have more pockets and a cushioned exterior. Similarly, a backpack for work would require a special compartment to protect gadgets. The same applies to the material and dimensions of the bag.  



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