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Much of the time, what we wear is an expression of both how we feel and how we want to feel

Read more/less Everyone has a favorite purse, accessory, or pair of shoes, and we stick to them because the familiarity we've developed with them over time gives us a sense of security. They're called "go-to" bits for a reason. When something is made with care and attention to detail, it becomes much more precious, with each intricate detail carefully placed to produce something unique – something that is yours and yours alone.


Bags to make a style statement.

When something is made with care and attention to detail, it becomes much more precious, with each intricate detail carefully placed to produce something unique – something that is yours and yours alone. Kompanero, India's premium designer bags and accessories brand, is bringing back the art of traditional handcrafting to create timeless leather bags with a distinctive weathered look, antique appeal, and modern style, inspired by the idea "Leather is a Timeless Companion". We have choices to fit every need and personal style, from backpacks to trendy sling bags/handbags to portfolio work bags. So, take a look at the wide selection of beautifully made leather handbags.

Time to pick your favorite bag!

Kompanero offers a wide variety of bag categories for both men and women. 

  • Handbags – Kompanero has a great line of seasonless, exquisitely handcrafted, and vibrantly colored women's handbags and women accessories. These designer bags are handcrafted from the highest quality full grain vegetable tanned leather and are sure to turn heads everywhere you go. 
  • Backpacks – With our backpacks, you get the best of all worlds: class and minimalism. Our backpacks, which are equally common among men and women, exude a retro vibe and are dependable options for carrying all of your essentials. Our backpacks are made to last, with roomy interiors, zip pockets for your knickknacks, and vegetable tanned soft leather. 
  • Messenger Bags – Our messenger bags, which are proudly worn across the chest, are the perfect travel companions for a guy. Always the giver, you can trust him with all of your belongings, and he will keep them safe for you! It looks effortlessly cool while still being incredibly practical, which is a rare find. They come in dark neutral shades with a lot of pocket storage and are ready to wear.
  • Portfolio Bags – Everyone understands that living in a cluttered environment is detrimental to one's mental health. With its functional nature and style quotient, Kompanero's collection of work bags will never make you feel out of balance. Interior and exterior compartments, zip pockets, laptop slots, pen holders, and cell phone slots are all included in our work bags, giving you the confidence to seize the day! Work just got a lot better with these on your back. Made with high quality full grain leather and sleek designs oozing a retro dream, they're functional on the inside and oh so good looking on the outside.

Men Bags - FAQs

1. Which color is most popular in leather bags for men? 

Leather bags for men from Kompanero come in a number of colours. The most popular categories – portfolio bags & messenger bags, come in a plethora of colour options. The leather portfolio bags are available in cognac, dark brown, blue, etc. colours for men. The messenger bags are available in cognac, dark brown, black, olive colours. 

The most popular colour in the bag category is cognac, which comes in a variety of gents bag. It is the most liked colour amongst our male clientele as it can effortlessly be styled with any day outfit and also with a work outfit. 

2. Which bags are widely used by men for a professional look? 

When it comes to professional look, messenger bags and portfolio bags are the most loved ones. A portfolio bag gives you full power over your official properties while making you appear professional. Portfolio bags, as opposed to messenger bags or backpacks, have more compartmentalised space, a dedicated laptop compartment, dedicated pen or tablet holders, more pocket storage, and the ability to be worn in a variety of ways, including on the hand, shoulder, or cross body. Some portfolios are also designed to be worn as backpacks. The icing on the cake is that a portfolio man bag is most attractive when worn with formal attire.

At the same time, the modern messenger bag preserves the versatility while adding some aesthetics, such as the use of leather rather than canvas and a trendy brass buckle to protect the contents, among other things. It's ideal for holding your iPad, travel documents, and other necessities when travelling, and it's also a trendy addition to your ensemble. The best bags for men are available at Kompanero, and they're sure to get you some compliments.

3. Where can I find the best bags for men? 

Your hunt for the most stylish bags for men at Kompanero will lead you down a hall of many different colours, silhouettes, and designs. You swear you won't leave empty-handed! Our consumers have genuinely welcomed and showered a lot of love on a few of our men bags over the years. 

Starting with messenger bags for men, no bag better embodies the phrase "less is more" than this one, and it's no surprise that it's become a fan favourite over the years! It is true to say that simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication. It comes in a range of distinct colours and is priced like a fantasy, with a single zipped compartment and a no-fuss design.

Our customers can choose from a variety of men's backpacks at Kompanero. Our backpacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are extremely popular due to their attractiveness and high quality. A few of the branded bags for men from our collection include – Cooper, Patrice & Zen.

4. How to style different gents bags with different outfits?

Kompanero's messenger bags can be worn on both formal and casual occasions as a side pack. If you're looking for a clever way to show you've got your ambition on your back, go with Adam or Amara. If you're looking for something business casual, Patrice or Grayson are great choices. If you want to prove you're tough and ready to take on the world, look no further than Charlie or Cooper.

A backpack, on the other hand, is a good choice for recreation or treks since it has several compartments to organise your belongings. Furthermore, since the weight is evenly distributed on one's feet, wearing a backpack is not a strenuous task. Cooper – The Belt Bag can be styled with a jeans, plain t-shirt and a leather jacket, whereas Zen is a minimalistic design which can easily blend with a pant-suit.

Kompanero's leather duffel bags can comfortably be used as a gym bag with a little care. Carrying a water bottle or an energy drink in your leather duffel bag should be done with caution.


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