Kompanero’s Collection of Fashion on Point Men’s Belts 

Men’s leather belts are one of the most sought after fashion accessories for men.

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We recommend to have a black belt and a brown or cognac belt. These neutral colours will match with almost any outfit. At the same time, it is essential to have 1-2 stylish belts as well for some special fun occasions. All Kompanero branded belts for men are made from either full grain or top grain leather. They are built to last. Once you try a Kompanero belt you will never want any other kind of leather belt again. Check our fashionable range available in our online store. You’ll be glad you did.  

Types of Mens belts Online on Kompanero 

Depending on your requirement, there are broadly two categories of branded belts for men available on Kompanero

1. Dress belts: Dress belts are more formal and are typically worn with suits and dressier types of attire. When choosing a dress belt, keep in mind that it should as closely match the shoes that you plan to wear as much as possible. The material of the belt should be top grain or full grain leather. 

Kompanero has a small collection of branded belts for men- the one which stands out is our formal belt with the Kompanero logo acting up as a large buckle. 

2. Casual belts: Casual belts are wider and less formal, and can be worn with jeans, shorts, and a multitude of other types of clothes. There are no rules with casual belts and the same belt can be used for a lot of different scenarios and outfits hence it has multi purpose. The material of the belt should be top grain or full grain leather. The buckle of the belt is polished and fairly minimalist without any additional or excessive styling. Kompanero offers many styles in this category including some woven belts. 

The best leather belts for men are the ones which can be used across outfits whether formal and casual and that’s exactly what Kompanero has to offer. We don’t fit into boxed categories- we are a class apart

Buy Leather Belts for men Online on Kompanero

Every Kompanero product, be it wallets or belts, is a result of expert craftsmanship and intricate detailing. The platform also has a vast collection of all leather accessories such as women’s belts, jackets and shoes etc. Be sure to also check out the trendy collection of belt bags and choose your favourite one. Check out the website right away to avail some exciting offers and discounts on the best belts for men in town.  

Perfect Gifting solution for all! 

Kompanero offers a large range assortment of men’s and women’s belts on their online and offline platforms. Both handy and elegant, our belts are ideal gift options for friends, family and colleagues. Choose from various shape and colours and avail our gifting services during checkout to send the perfect gift to that loved one. We even have some stylish belt bags for our younger customers who wish to slay that look.


Men Belts - FAQs

1. What are the best looking leather belts for men?

Kompanero offers the best men’s designers belts with inimitable looks. 

The ranges comes in classic shades of tan, brown and belt in both formal and casual shoes. Kick your everyday style up a notch products such as with Elijah, Owen and Orest from Kompanero. Accessorize your favourite pair of trousers with these classic when you're going to work or hanging out with friends in your denim. We have a great looking formal belt with Kompanero logo acting like a large buckle! We also have a collection of woven belts for the uber stylish man. 

We also offer a wide range of women’s belts in varying colours and riveting designs for the new age woman. 

2. Do branded leather belts stretch?

Leather belts available are of all kinds- the quality and durability of the belt relies heavily on the type of leather used. Top grain leather is the top half of leather obtained during splitting. 

Always choose a belt made of full grain or top grain leather. Other leathers break down easily and are prone to stretching, wear and tear. Full/Top grain leather on the other hand actually gets better with age like fine wine.  

Having said that, leather will stretch with normal wear and tear. However, the stretching is negligible in Kompanero branded belts for men as it is made of top grain leather. You will hardly notice it. 

3. How long do designer leather belts last for?

Branded belts for men by Kompanero will last a lifetime if kept well. Our vegetable tanned leather is made of top grain leather which is highly resistance to wear and tear and in fact develops its own character over time. The patina is going to get darker and better over time. That’s what will make our vegetable tanned leather leather belts a heritage item. 

In order to maintain your belt, you can do the below things to ensure it serves you a long time 

  • If it is getting too DRY or cracking up, gently rub a leather conditioner into the leather once every quarter.
  • If it gets DIRTY, only use a damp cloth and give it a wipe down. 
  • If it gets WET, dry it naturally and slowly in room temperature. 
  • Never store or transport it in a plastic grocery bag. Please use the storage/travel bag the item came with, or some type of BREATHABLE fabric.
4. Can you polish genuine leather belts?

Genuine leather belts for men or women only require polishing when they appear dull, dry or there are signs of the leather dying out. However, before polishing, one must ensure that the leather belt is thoroughly clean by giving it a wipe with a soft cloth. 

For the polish, choose either the wax or the liquid kind that comes with a sponge applicator. Ensure that the polish chosen matches the colour of the belt. 

  • If you use the wax, you may want to wear protective gloves because it tends to cling if you get it on your hands. 
  • Buff the belt with a soft cloth until it is shiny. If there is excess polish, remove it using this cloth, and then switch to another clean cloth. 
  • Mink oil is a great alternative to polish. It increases the life of leather keeps it fresh and protects it against rancidity. You can apply it to your branded belt every six months to keep it shiny and in good health. Explore Kompanero website for the best mens designer belts in India.
5. How to distinguish between fake and pure leather belts?

A pure genuine leather belt is a class apart from a fake one and it is quite easy to distinguish between the two so before you spend a lot of money on a leather product next time, do watch out for the below differences and ensure you aren’t fooled.  

  • Take a Whiff- You might feel funny standing in the aisle of a store taking a whiff of a leather belt but the smell of the product is a big indicator of it being genuine leather. Real leather has a distinctive strong smell that cannot be replicated by fake leather.
  • Touch it! If the belt feels too smooth or feels like plastic, it is likely fake. Real leather is also generally less consistent in texture because it is natural and harder to regulate. Another way to distinguish fake leather from real is to observe the edges of fake leather which would be smooth and not rough. 
  • Genuine leather always absorbs moisture while fake leather never absorbs water rather the water will stay on it. Genuine leather will soak up water in seconds indicating its credibility.

Needless to mention, Kompanero has some of the best leather belts for men in the market today. We do not even stamp the term “genuine leather” onto our products as we don’t feel the need to! The look and feel of our belts speak for themselves on their authenticity. The same holds true about women’s belts and other categories as well.



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