Slim Wallets


Kompanero Slims- Wallets on a diet! 

Kompanero Slims is a range of ultra-thin leather wallets built for today’s cashless economy.  

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It carries a youthful vibe to it and has a very clever design philosophy that allows for maximal carry in a minimal design with cleverly hidden compartments while giving it a sleek appearance. You can even keep our slims in your front pocket! And worry not, you can still fit quite a few things while our thin leather wallets give the illusion of elegance and slimness. It’s all about clever design aint it.Check our range available in our online store for the best slim wallets in town. You’ll surely be adding to cart soon.


Why should you own a slim wallet?

Slim wallet v/s a regular wallet 

The main difference between a slim leather wallet and a regular leather wallet is the size/thickness. 

Designer slim wallets have a minimalistic design and is for the person who is transitioning to the cashless economy of today where mobile payments and card transactions have seeped into even tier 2 and tier 3 towns of India. Regular wallets are heavier and thicker than slim wallets. 

Regular Wallets have a separate coin compartment for change, cash slots, multiple card slots, places to keep a family photograph, your licenses, purchase receipts etc. If you cannot do without these, then regular wallets by Kompanero have a plethora of options for you which you will not be disappointed by. 

However, if you hate the bulge on your back pocket and are okay with just a couple of cards and your licenses to hit the road with bare minimal cash carry, then transform your life with these convenient thin leather wallets.  

A unique gift! 

Slim leather wallets by Kompanero make unique cool gifts for friends and family, especially amongst the younger crowd. These wallets on a diet are economical, trendy and sure to get a conversation started! Choose from various kinds available online and avail our gifting services during checkout to send this unique gift to that loved one. 

Slim Wallets- FAQs

1. How sustainable are slim leather wallet?

Leather by definition is a sustainable material. We at Kompanero are averse to anything synthetic. We believe that the world is heading towards doom with all this plastic and we are passionate about creating a lifestyle accessories brand that is fashionable but responsible at the same time. Hence all the leather used to make our slim leather wallets is sourced from our in-house tannery which is LWG gold rated (highest possible standard in the world) This also means that no animal was killed directly for the purpose of leather. In order to treat the leather/hide, we do vegetable tanning which uses natural tannins from tree barks etc versus the traditional tanning which contains carcinogenic substances. It is important to incorporate sustainability in operations too. We have invested generously in the best state of the art technology purchased from Italy, Germany etc. These machines are built to operate at minimal use of water, power and manage waste effectively as well. Even our retail stores are built using all natural materials and our packaging is minimal and eco-friendly. We use beautiful bio degradable cloth dust bags that are made of breathable fabric, which extend the accessories’ life and are the best alternative to plastic as they are reusable and eco-friendly. Sustainability is a journey and we promise to keep making strides as we go along. 

2. What are the differences between thin wallets and regular wallets? 

Thin wallets for men cater more to those who have embraced the cashless lifestyle in today’s world. Classic wallets on the other hand are heavier and weigh down the wallet as well as your pant pocket. A thin wallet has a minimalistic design whereas a regular wallet is all about maximising storage within a small space. 

So if you are the kind of person who needs 2-3 credit cards, a DL and you are ready to hit the road then look no further than the designer slim wallets by Kompanero. And if you like to use a handy wallet with concealed compartments that stores cash, change, business cards, purchase receipts, travel documents, a family photo and more then Kompanero wallets will surely wow you too. 

3. Is it safe to use slim leather wallets? 

It is safe and in fact recommended to use thin leather wallets in today’s cashless economy. With transactions moving to mobile payments mode and cash being used lesser and lesser, a slim wallet is lighter on your pocket and gives you an effortlessly cool edge too. 

With respect to leather wallets, people prefer them for many reasons 

  • Durability- Kompanero uses full grain vegetable tanned leather which is strong and durable hence investing in a designer slim wallet will last you a few years at least. 
  • Fashionable- Thin wallets for men is a fashion trend in the current day. Our leather develops a rich natural patina as it ages adding to the personality of your accessory 
  • Sustainable- The alternative to leather is plastic. Need we say more?
4. How to maintain thin leather wallets?

Slim Leather wallets by Kompanero will be your mate for life if taken care for. They are low maintenance as long as you keep them dry and clean. You may choose to use a leather conditioner/mink oil once every quarter to prevent cracks from forming. If your thin leather wallet gets dirty, gentle wipe it with a soft cloth. Try to not use it in heavy rain conditions. However if it gets wet then let is dry natural at room temperature. If you are not using your designer slim wallet, always store them in a breathable fabric such as the cloth dust bag given by us at the time of purchase. We recommend doing this for women wallets and men wallet also.


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