Small Bags

Small is the new big in designer bags

What we wear expresses both how we feel and how we want to feel a lot of the time.

Read more/less We all have a favourite bag, accessory, or pair of shoes that we stick to because the comfort we've built with them over time provides us with a sense of protection. There's a reason they're called "go-to" pieces. When something is created with care and attention to detail, each intricate detail is carefully placed to create something special – something that is uniquely yours and yours alone.
Kompanero Bags are a work of art.

Kompanero, India's premium designer bag and accessory brand, is reviving the art of traditional handcrafting to create timeless leather bags with a distinct weathered look, antique appeal, and modern style, all inspired by the concept "Leather is a Timeless Companion." From backpacks to stylish sling bags/handbags to portfolio work bags, we have options to fit every need and personal style. Take a look at Kompanero's exquisite leather handbags.

SS’21 – Kompanero’s latest collection

Kompanero’s latest collection hosts some of the most fabulous make and designs. The collection includes ‘Rover’, which consists of the following small stylish bags –

  • Mobile pouch – This mobile pouch is the ideal combination of elegance and sophistication. It can be worn as a Waist Pouch as well. When you wear this handcrafted elegance, you'll make a point. This bag is ideal for all of you creative types out there.
  • Wallet & Clutch – This stylish Kompanero wallet has plenty of space for all of your on-the-go essentials. Its simple open-and-close design makes locating and sorting your cash and cards a breeze.
  • Small Backpack – Here's a stylish backpack from Kompanero that'll help you up your fashion game. It's a must-have in your accessories collection because it's the ideal blend of style and functionality.
  • Medium Shoulder Bag – With this Kompanero sling bag, you can instantly add a touch of elegance to your ensemble. She not only holds your basics with ease, but she also does so in a classic retro style that is ideal for fashionistas.
  • Small Shoulder Bag – Treat yourself to a trendy sling bag and stay fashionable all year long with this Kompanero sling bag. Her intricate style and vibrant colour will draw attention everywhere she goes!
  • Mini Shoulder Bag – This fashionable Kompanero tiny bag will set you apart from the crowd. For an edgy concert theme, pair this piece with slim jeans, leather boots, and a classic leather jacket.
  • Mini Crossbody Bag – This chic sling bag from The House of Kompanero is ideal for stylish women on the go. It's made of premium leather and has enough space to keep all of your things safe and secure.


Small Bags – FAQs

1. Can you use small bags for a professional & casual look? 

Both men's and women's versions of our designer small bags are available. They're both functional and fashionable, and they come in a variety of textures and colours to complement a variety of styles. All of our one-side bags are versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit, making them suitable for both men and women.

It gives you a polished look while still allowing you to be as practical as possible. Walking around town with a briefcase is no longer trendy, and backpacks are often considered unprofessional. As a result, leather small bags comes in handy. As a side pack, Kompanero's small leather bags can be worn on both formal and casual occasions. For men and women who want to step up their fashion game, Kompanero offers the best designer small bags. Our fashionable side bags are fashion statements that look great in both formal and casual outfits. Women can reach into and find something faster than they can reach into and find something in a purse, which takes more time to take down and open.

2. How durable are small leather bags?

Kompanero's leather small luxury bags for men and women will last a lifetime if properly cared for. One of the reasons we can claim this with confidence is that all of the leather used in the production of our leather bags is vegetable tanned full grain leather, which is the highest quality leather available. With age, this leather improves and develops a lovely rich patina. Some marks or blemishes are signs of high-quality leather, so cherish it. However, there are a few precautions you can take while using them: 

  • Avoid using them in severe weather, such as heavy rain. Allow it to dry naturally at room temperature if it still gets damp. 
  • Often keep it in a breathable fabric container, such as a dust bag.
  • Once a fifth, gently rub a leather conditioner/mink oil into the leather if it is becoming too DRY or cracking.
3. How to style a tiny bag with a different outfit? 

Handbags, and sling bags are basic small leather bag types for a woman to pair with an outfit. 

  • Handbags – Kompanero has a fantastic line of seasonless, exquisitely handcrafted, and vibrantly coloured women's handbags. These designer bags are handcrafted from the highest quality full grain vegetable tanned leather and are sure to turn heads everywhere you go. 
  • Sling Bags – For women who like to travel small, our sling bag collection is thoughtfully built to carry more without being bulky, and is made from only the finest leather and lovingly crafted by local artisans. These, like the other leather bags, are timeless and will leave an impression on you. A bohemian look can be achieved with a very small bag. If you're going to the beach, pair it with a floral short dress, or a flowy maxi dress.
  • Small backpacks – The backpacks from Kompanero are a great fit for a street look. Men and women backpacks with a white t-shirt and rugged denims with thigh-high boots can be worn by anyone who prefers to dress casually.
4. Where can I find the best small bags?

Online, Kompanero has a plethora of fashionable best small bags choices. It's extremely difficult to choose only a handful. Since our conception, Athenian the sling has become our best-selling women's bag. It's the perfect sling to make your evening look super cool, thanks to its signature Kompanero weave studded with rivets and hand painted metallic finish. Our Rattan set, influenced by Bali, has also been a big hit recently.

Men's messenger bags come in a wide variety of styles to complement their casual look. In terms of messenger bags, Charlie and Cooper are our top choices.


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