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Keep your shades protected with Kompanero’s Collection of Sunglass cases

Sunglasses protect our precious eyes from harmful UV rays hence we need to take care of our sunglasses as well.

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Same goes for spectacles which are essential to our quality of life in some cases. Hence, a branded good quality eyewear case is a worthwhile investment to make! So, if you are looking for a collection of elegant leather glass cases online, then your search ends here. Kompanero brings you a versatile selection of designer glass cases in both hard and soft structures.


Types of Sunglasses Online on Kompanero 

Depending on your requirement, there are broadly two categories of eyewear cases available on Kompanero

1. Hard glasses case: Products like Adrian have a hard outer shell lending durability, impact resistance and protection for your precious spectacle or sunglass. However the foamy interior protects your spectacle from scratches etc. 

2. Soft glasses case: Products like Martin are lighter and hence easier to carry around but offer slightly lesser protection than the hard case. It boils down to personal preference

Shopping Guide to Choose the Ideal Spectacle case

The guide to choosing the right spectacle case depends on how you would like to use it. If you are looking for something that will last long, durable and can be used roughly in the outdoors, then opt for a hard glasses case such as Adrian. If you want something that is light and use it mainly indoors, then a delicate, beautiful soft glasses case will work as well such as Martin. 

Perfect Gifting solution for all! 

Kompanero has a small curated assortment of luxury glasses cases made in genuine leather. Both handy and elegant, our spectacle cases are ideal gifts for friends, family and colleagues. Choose between hard and soft glasses case and avail our gifting services during checkout to send something special to that loved one. Apart from this, Kompanero offers a wide range of men wallets and women wallets amongst other accessories.  

Spectacle Cases - FAQs

1. How to decide between soft and hard glasses case?

Sunglasses protect us from harmful UV rays hence we need to take care of our sunglasses well too. Hence, a designer glass case is a worthwhile investment to make! 

Firstly, let us understand the difference between the two eyewear cases. A hard sunglass case has a tough outer shell and a foamy interior, for example- Adrian. A soft sunglass case interior is lined with soft pads for protection. 

A Hard Leather sunglass case provides more protection for your eyewear. It definitely is the better choice if you are looking at durability and long term use as the exterior material safely protects it. Even if your eyewear case falls, you need not worry as it is impact resistant due to the hard outer shell. However, do ensure that the luxury glass case you are investing in has a layered foam interior to prevent scratches. 

On the other hand, a soft glasses case is convenient to carry around as it is lighter however it offers lesser protection in comparison. In the world of accessories, Kompanero designer glasses cases are a crowd favourite. Example- Martin on Kompanero

2. How sustainable are designer glasses case?

Our designer glasses case are as sustainable as any other Kompanero product. It is made of full grain leather which is the highest quality and most expensive leather in the world. This leather is sourced from our own in-house tannery which is an LWG gold rated company. The leather is vegetable tanned using natural materials like tree bark. Although this is more expensive, it is also way more environmental friendly and hence worth the investment. At the back end, the processes used to manufacture these leather sunglass cases are done on highly efficient technology which is designed to minimize the use of electricity, water and material wastage. At the front end, our brick and mortar stores have been thoughtfully designed to reflect this philosophy by the use of natural building materials, eco-friendly simple reusable packaging of cloth dust bags, recyclable warranty tags, cotton inner linings in our bags and wallets etc. We are truly averse to anything synthetic!

3. Do you need to polish your leather sunglass case?

Leather spectacle cases by Kompanero require polishing not too often- only when they become dull or dry. The first step is to clean the eyewear case thoroughly by wiping it with a soft cloth. When choosing the polish, opt for the wax or liquid type only. It would be wise to wear protective gloves because the wax tends to cling to your hands. Then buff the leather spectacle case till it is shiny and remove excess polish. For folks looking for an alternative to polish, mink oil is a great choice as it increases the life of leather keeping it fresh. The same approach works great to keep your men wallets and women wallets fresh and good looking too! 


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