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Although there are countless options to buy travel accessories on the internet, and one can be truly spoilt for choice, it is vital to check a few items before clicking the "Buy Now" button!

Read more/less The most important thing is to make sure that the leather used in the best travel accessories is full grain leather, which is the highest quality of leather on the market. This style of leather is extremely durable and ages gracefully.
Travel accessories – Dos and Don’ts

All slim wallets, passport wallets, women/men wallets and other leather travel accessories in Kompanero are made of top grain lather, which develops a beautiful rich patina with age. After you've taken care of that, you can pick the one that best fits your needs. If you still want to pay with cash, make sure you get a wallet with a lot of pockets. If you want to travel light, go for a slim wallet that can only hold a small amount of cash and a few currency cards.


Kompanero – where leather and sustainability go hand in hand.

Sustainable leather is considered a by-product of the meat industry. Kompanero owns an LWG gold-rated in-house tannery in India to ensure this, which is the highest possible accredited quality in the industry globally. Vegetable tanned leather is used to make all of our travel accessories, men bags and women handbags. Although this is more costly, it is also much more sustainable, making it well worth the extra money.

Tannins from tree barks and other natural sources are used in vegetable tanning, while carcinogenic ingredients are used in chrome tanning. While the aforementioned measures ensure that our primary raw material is sourced and handled as sustainably as possible, we must not overlook the other aspects of our business. Our retail locations are constructed entirely of natural materials, and our packaging is both minimal and environmentally friendly. Beautiful biodegradable cotton dust bags made of breathable fabric are used to prolong the life of the all the travel accessories and are the perfect alternative to plastic because they are reusable and environmentally friendly.

For everybody, the ideal gifting solution! 

Because of their one-of-a-kind design, all of Kompanero's accessories make excellent gifts. The company offers a carefully selected range of travel accessories online. They are the most anticipated presents for friends, family, and coworkers, and will undoubtedly bring a smile to their faces. These include wallets and slim wallets for women which come in a variety of feminine silhouettes, like Aleenaa and Riga, which are available in both wallet and purse types. Mathew is a best-seller in Kompanero's daily leather wallet category for men, with various Liam is a go-to style in slim wallets. Apart from that, Kompanero's passport wallets are a unisex offering that ensures that everyone travels in style and comfort. 

Don't forget to check the box for our gifting services during checkout if you want to give something special to that special someone. For the best travel accessories online India, visit kompanero

Travel Accessories - FAQs

1. Are all travel accessories unisex?

Kompanero offers the below unisex travel accessories to ease your travels and make them more organised –

Passport Wallets

  • Jose – Don't be intimidated by Jose's size; no one else can do what he can. Jose, your ideal travel companion, has it all!


  • Felix – This Kompanero wallet is the season's standout because it has a meaning. This travel wallet has a lot of storage space and is convenient to use on a daily basis.
  • Eleanor – This chic Accessorize wallet has plenty of space for all of your on-the-go essentials. No matter how many cards you carry around, the solid structure will stand the test of time.

Card Holders

  • Blake – This season's standout is a card holder with a purpose from Kompanero. Blake is an easy-to-use item for every day because it has a lot of storage space.
  • Gary – Having trouble keeping track of all that plastic money? Allow Gary to assist you with this. Gary, a card holder, assists you in going digital guilt-free!
  • Masks – In the new standard, masks are a must-have accessory. We ensure that you look fantastic while still providing the highest level of security.
2. Which are most essential travel accessories?

Our deep love for leather and our passion for handcrafting has led us to create an online collection of luxury leather travel accessories for both men and women, where functionality meets fashion like no other. 

Below are the few most essential travel accessories’ offerings from Kompanero – 

  • Passport/travel wallets – These aid in keeping you organised when travelling. Kompanero provides passport and boarding pass wallets card slots for currency cards. 
  • Coin pouches – coin pouches are the best for storing foreign currency and can be reached out to easily when needed.
  • Wallets/slim wallets – Both men and women's wallets are crafted of full grain leather with meticulous attention to detail. These wallets are available in a wide range of textures, colours, and sizes.
  • Card Holders – They also have several compartments, ensuring that all of your cards are organised and available. Card holders, in addition to being more versatile, are often more attractive than traditional leather wallets.
  • Masks – are a must-have accessory in the modern standard and are the new normal. We make sure you look great while maintaining the highest standard of security.
3. Where can I buy best luxury travel accessories online?

Leather travel accessories for men and women are available from Kompanero in a limited but carefully selected set. All of the offered leather products are made of vegetable-tanned full grain leather and are available in a variety of

4. How durable are leather travel accessories?

If properly cared for, Kompanero's travel accessories would be your lifelong companion. If kept clean and dry, these do not need much maintenance. For maintenance, a leather conditioner may be a good choice. This leather conditioner can be used about a quarter to keep the leather from drying out and developing cracks. If the leather accessories get dusty, gently clean them with a damp cloth. 

Allow the travel accessories to dry naturally if they get damp due to rain or spills. Do not store them in your wardrobe until they are fully dry. The brand recommends that accessories made out of pure leather be kept in a breathable fabric such as the cloth dust that Kompanero provides to customers after they make a purchase. Slim wallets, passport wallets, and men's/wallets women's should all be maintained in the same way, according to Kompanero.