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Trolley bags - a time traveller’s delight!

Kompanero has a wide variety of travel bags to offer to its customers

Read more/less Be it aluminium trolleys, leather trolleys, duffel bags or backpacks, Kompanero is a one stop destination for all your travel needs. 


Kompanero’s range of travel bags 

Aluminium Trolley Bags - The brand in 2019 launched their paragon leather trolleys, which have definitely become a time-travel lover's first choice. It's a wonderful bridge between vintage and contemporary style, with practical interiors such as elastics and dividers. 

The men trolley bags and women trolley bags are available in the different classic colour variations and is a complete MADE IN ITALY product. The base is a combination of a body with aluminium profiles, later covered with a Polyurethane/Poly-amide blend, angles, zippers and closures made of chromed steel. All items mentioned are with a classical front belt, which have its own purity of design and minimalist approach. 

Leather Trolley Bags - In addition to the aluminium trolleys, the brand also offers leather trolleys. These leather trolleys are available in 2 different sizes and in the colour tan. Barran - The Trolley suitcase has a branding on the front. There is one handle on the top and one on the side, with a retractable handle and a rotatable corner-mounted inline skate wheels. Allan – The Trolley suitcase have similar features to be offered in a bigger size that Barran. Both these leather trolleys are completely handcrafted in genuine leather, have a zipper closure with 4 compact wheels and 3 different compartments to organize your stuff.

Duffel Bags - Kompanero’s has to offer leather bags in different shapes, sizes and colours. Manny and Elroy are small and handy bags which are most useful for your short trips. For over the weekend trips, Freddie and Frankie are a perfect match as these provide enough amount of space to put all your travel essentials. For long family trips, you need that extra space to put-in all the last minute knick-knacks. Jacob and Wilfred are just the bags we want, which would provide enough space to carry yours as well as your family’s essentials.

Backpacks - Kompanero has both men & women backpacks to offer to the customers. The backpacks are available in different shapes and sizes, and are most desired thanks to the look and quality. The brand brings you designs that are more than mere accessories. As the name of the brand suggests, it will become your companion for all your adventures.

Travel Bags - FAQs

1. What is the more convenient bag to use when you travel?

Kompanero has a premium range of trolley bags to offer to their customers. Costas, Jerzy and Minos are made in Italy and are combined with aluminium profiles, covered with a Polyurethane/Poly-amide blend, with angles, zippers and closures made of chromed steel. All features are with a classical front belt, which has a design uniqueness and minimalist approach to it.  On the other hand, Allan and Barran are Kompanero’s premium leather trolley suitcases, which have one handle on the top and on the side, It also has a retractable handle and rotatable corner-mounted inline skate wheels.With such features, trolleys definitely prove to be a more convenient option to travel with over any other travel bags.

2. What is the best carry-on luggage bag?

The best carry on luggage bags which Kompanero offers can be –

Duffel Bags – Duffel bags are the perfect companion when you are travelling with your family and have those extra kilos in the check-in baggage. A duffel bag comes to the rescue where you can dump that extra weight and saving the unnecessary cost clinged to it.

Laptop Bags – When you are travelling for a very important client meeting to some other city, and have to make those last minute changes to a presentation, or you have to catch up on those important emails while flying, a laptop bag is the best way to carry all your work- related stuff in one place.

Backpacks – Backpacks are the perfect companions for people who hate the long check-in queues at the aiports. When you are travelling light and avoid those check-ins, a backpack can be the best way to organise all your essentials hassle- free.

3. What are some of the common mistakes people make when buying travel bags online?

Buying genuine leather travel bags online can be tricky as one cannot physically touch and smell the product to understand its authenticity. Hence, while buying from a website, one should always do a little research as to what is the brand all about, what kind of leather do they use to manufacture leather travel bags, etc. If a brand claims to use full grain or top grain leather, one can be rest assured that the quality of the leather travel bags will be worth the money spent. The bag will be cost-effective and durable at the same time. Bonded leather bags are treated with carcinogenic chemicals and will crack and peel easily too, hence avoid buying such bags. Kompanero can proudly state that full grain leather is always used in the production of all the travel bags. Also, investing in designer bags which are vegetable tanned is helpful to the cause of sustainability. 

4. Where can I find best leather travel bags online?

Kompanero has countless options for trendy designer travel bag luggage available online. It is really difficult to make a choice amongst the available ones. The brand offers premium trolleys and duffel bags both as the choices for a travel bag.The brand launched their paragon leather trolleys in 2019, which will definitely be a time-travel lover's first choice. It's a wonderful bridge between vintage style and contemporary, with practical interiors such as elastics and dividers. The trolley is available in the classic colour variations black and white and is a complete MADE IN ITALY product. Production base of the collection is a body combined with aluminium profiles, later covered with a Polyurethane/Poly-amide blend, angles, zippers and closures made of chromed steel. All items featured are with a classical front belt, which have its own purity of design and minimalist approach. In addition, a leather duffle bag is one of the best travel bags for men and women who are always on the go. It is the best fit for light luggage and fits snugly in the boot of your car.


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