Women Belts

Kompanero’s Collection of Stylish Women’s Belts 

One of the best accessories a woman can add to amp up her style quotient is a fancy designer belt. It is a great way to express your personality and Kompanero is the best destination selling designer belts for every occasion. Be it everyday pieces or statement wear, we have it all. We make a range of contemporary belts, many of which are handcrafted in house in our workshops. All Kompanero branded belts for women are made from full grain leather. They will last you a long time and in fact get better as they age and develop a beautiful rich patina. 

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We recommend every woman to have thin belt and a wide belt in her wardrobe. Thin narrow belts are great to cinch a dress or a top whereas wide belts looks great with jeans and trousers and tucked in shirts. Unlike men belts, ladies leather belts come in a wider colour range and hence we can look beyond the neutral shades.

Eleni-The Belt

Available in 3 colors

Types of Womens belts Online on Kompanero 

Depending on your need and style, there are broadly two categories of branded belts for women available on Kompanero

  1. Formal belts: Dress/Formal belts are made for formal occasions such as office or conferences etc. It is best paired with formal blouses, formal dresses, suits etc. A thinner belt in neutral colors works best such as Eleni. Always keep in mind that a formal belts looks perfect when the colour matches the shoes that you are wearing that night. Also, all Kompanero belts are made of full grain leather hence you can be assured quality and durability of your product 
  2. Casual belts: Kompanero is one of the few brands in India which proudly houses a wide range of casual belts for women. Be it a movie night or a date or even a day trip outside the city, choose between intricate woven patterns or Egyptian inspired embroidery to spruce up your look. 

The best leather belts for women are the ones that can be used across looks and that’s what Kompanero stands for. We are unique and one of a kind  

Buy Leather Belts for Women Online on Kompanero

Every Kompanero belt is a product of state of the art technology meets traditional artisanship. Each piece is a work of art. The website as well as offline stores has a huge collection of womens accessories overall. There is always some exciting offers running hence watch out for the same. 

Perfect Gifting solution for all! 

Kompanero offers a large range assortment of women accessories including fancy belts for ladies. A wider range of belts can be found in our offline stores. Our designer belts are the perfect gift for your loved ones or colleagues. Made from the best quality leather, and handcrafted with love, we have an assortment of weaves, colours and sizes to choose from. Opt for our gifting services during checkout and we will handle the rest! We even have some handcrafted leather bags if you are looking for something in a higher budget.


Womens Belt - FAQs

1.What are the best looking leather belts for women?

Kompanero is the one stop destination for designer belts women for any kind of occasion. Ranging from work wear to party or casual evening with friends, we have something for everyone. Check out our wider range of fancy belts for ladies available in our stores across India. Our favorite product is the super stylish embroidered Vasiliki and our braided belts. While Eleni comes to the rescues for those office meetings where we wish to turn up sharp and classy. 

2.How do women’s belt match clothes?

Leather belts for women can broadly be classified into two categories- formal and casual. If you are dressing for a formal event such as a business dinner or work presentation, then the Kompanero guide suggests you always have a black and cognac/brown plain belt in your wardrobe. The minimalistic design and elegant look of belts such as Eleni will spruce up the work look and make you slay at work. If you are dressing for a movie outing with friends or a romantic dinner with your partner, Kompanero has one of the widest ranges of casual fancy belts for ladies. Intricate woven belts handcrafted by artisans and embroidered belts with Egyptian inspired designs, all these are perfect for all the fun outings in your life to ensure you look dapper in all the photos for the gram ;) 

3. How do you maintain branded leather belts for women? 

Ladies leather belts by Kompanero will be your mate for life if taken care for. One of the basic things that can be done is to use a leather conditioner every quarter to prevent cracks. If the belt gets dirty for some unavoidable reason, use a simple damp cloth and gently wipe the belt. If the belt gets wet due to rain or spill, let is dry naturally and do not keep it inside the cupboard till it is completely dry. Always store in leather belt in a breathable fabric such as the cloth dust bag given by us. We recommend doing this for all women accessories 

4. Can you polish ladies fancy belts? 

Leathers belts for women in Kompanero require very little polishing and maintenance. Even then, if you wish to, you may apply some mink oil to your branded belt twice a year to keep it healthy and fresh. Before starting the polishing, ensure that the belt is clean by wiping it with a soft cloth. If you do not have or wish to use mink oil, then you can use any wax/liquid leather polish and buff till it is shiny. The same holds true for men belt as well

5. Does the leather crack and peel after long term use? 

The leather used to make branded belts for women in Kompanero is full grain leather which doesn’t crack or peel easily. In fact, it improves in appearance as it ages due to the rich patina formed over time. Hence as long as you take care of your leather belt and condition in twice a year, you should be good to go. On the other hand, poor quality leather such as bonded leather is more prone to cracking. We at Kompanero are extremely particular to only use the best quality leather for all our leather bag.