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  • Biker Jacket: Biker jackets have served as a uniform for rock stars all over the world. They are raw and sexy. Additional zippers, buckles, buttons, spikes, studs, and other embellishments add character to the jacket's overall appearance. Biker jackets are perfect for casual wear because they go with everything from a plain dress and tights to a pair of ripped jeans and a shirt. Finish the look with your favourite ankle boots and let the jacket do the talking.
  • Bomber Jacket: Their uncomplicated silhouette and nature go with everything. Bomber jackets, whether worn over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, a dress, or pants and a tank top, exude an unbothered edginess that is fierce yet casual at the same time. Bomber jackets are the epitome of casual style, and they've raised the bar for all else to follow.

Benefits of wearing a leather jacket.

Leather has been used since the dawn of time because of its inherent qualities of dependability and durability. Many who are aware of its advantages will never want a different material for their jacket. If you want to buy a jacket, you should first learn about its advantages.

  • In Bad Weather, a Good Friend: When riding a bike, leather jackets are worn to keep the wind at bay. It also protects the wearer from rain and snowfall, which is why it is more common in colder climates. You can wear the jacket in any season without difficulty.
  • Road safety: If you ride a bike, you know that a leather jacket will protect you from injury if you fall off your bike. Although a road abrasion can cause minor damage to your jacket, your skin will remain healthy throughout any incident.
  • Timeless accessory: If you're going to the office or to a wedding, a leather jacket is always a better option. It gives a cool and outstanding appearance without taking up any time; all you have to do is put it on.
  • Versatility: Leather jackets have the advantage of being available in a variety of models, including bomber, motorcycle, café racer, utility, distressed, and so on. Select a template or style that is appropriate for your personality and body shape. Every style has its own aesthetic and value. As a result, it is advised to always opt for genuine leather jackets.
  • Durability & Comfort: While leather jackets are softer by nature, this does not imply that they are weaker. Since they are warm and gentle, they can make you feel at ease. It is possible to enjoy it for the whole day.
  • Easy maintenance: In today's hectic world, no one has time to properly care for anything, which is why a genuine leather jacket is the perfect piece of clothing for you because it doesn't need much maintenance. It just needs to be cleaned once a month with a damp cloth. To keep the outer layer from cracking, conditioners and polish should be applied every 2 to 3 months.

Shop the best leather jackets for you.

Kompanero has best womens jacket in leather. The brand offers various colour options and styles to choose from. Buy womens jackets at kompanero. Visit now to check out our latest collection in leather jackets.

Women’s Jacket - FAQs

1. What is the differences between men jackets and women jackets? 

The differences between leather jacket women and leather jacket men can be done on the following few parameters – 

  • Design – Collar variations are extremely popular in leather jackets. Some jackets are available without collars and with angular slashes, while others are single or double-breasted. Men jackets are distinguished from women's jackets by design elements such as zigzags and a sleek zipper.
  • Size – One of the most noticeable differences in men's and women's clothing is size. Jackets made specifically for men are longer and heavier than those made for women. For females, the waist cut is higher and there is more room in the chest section. Long jacket for women are not that popular as compared to the ones which have a higher waist cut. The placement of buttons and zippers is another distinction. The buttons on a women's leather jacket are normally on the left side, while men's leather jackets have them on the right.
2. Things to keep in mind while buying winter jackets for women online? 

It's difficult to shop for ladies' jackets or leather accessories online because you can't touch or smell the product to check for leather authenticity. As a result, we recommend that you do some research on the leather quality. The best quality leather is full grain or top grain, which lasts a long time and develops a rich patina over time. Full grain leather is used for all Kompanero leather jackets. Make sure the design is timeless and the product is built to meet your needs.

3. Do you need to polish women’s leather jacket? 

Genuine leather jackets or women accessories made out of leather only need to be polished when they become dull, dry, or show signs of ageing. Before polishing, however, make sure the leather jacket is fully clean by wiping it down with a soft cloth. 

Choose between a wax or a liquid polish with a sponge applicator for the polish. Make sure the polish you choose suits the colour of your jacket. If you use the wax, you should wear protective gloves because it has a tendency to adhere to your hands. Using a soft fabric, buff the jacket until it is shiny. If there is any leftover polish, wipe it away with this cloth before switching to a new one.

Mink oil is an excellent substitute for polish. It extends the life of leather while still keeping it healthy and protecting it from rancidity. Every six months, add it to your branded jacket to keep it gleaming and safe. It is best to get it done from the professionals. Kompanero has all the resources to take care of your expensive belongings.

4. Where can i find best women jackets online? 

Kompanero is the best place to shop for women jackets online. When it comes to winter jackets for women, our leather jackets will add some zing to your winter wardrobe. It's made of incredibly luxurious leather and suits you like a glove. Some of our jackets are handcrafted by Italian artists, while others are designed by experienced Indian artisans. Each jacket is a work of art in and of itself. Kompanero offers the best leather designer jackets in traditional shades of cognac, black and brown.

When it comes to women's leather jackets, we can confidently state that Kompanero has the best. Our leather jackets are designed for the urban woman and make a fashion statement for the explorer in you.

5. Which color is most popular in women's jackets?

Kompanero offers leather jackets for women in various colour options like – cognac, brown and black. All the colours are adopted from that of the traditional leather jackets, which are liked equally by men and women both. 

Amongst the colour offerings of Kompanero leather jackets, Cognac is liked by our female customers. The reason being, cognac being a neutral colour is easy to style up with any outfit without putting in too much effort. Black leather jacket for women are also the most asked for, as it is light in weight and can be styled with denims and a basic white t-shirt for a casual adventurous look. 


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