KOMPANERO Is a range of leather bags with a distinctive weathered look, vintage appeal and a contemporary design inspired by the concept 'leather being a timeless companion'.

The deep passion for leather and natural sustainable materials along with our love for handcrafting desirable and marvellous masterpieces motivate us to make beautiful bags and accessories that carry your world

The brand name KOMPANERO is inspired from the Spanish word that means “Companion”. The Brand mnemonic is inspired by the closeness representation of arm in arm, which defines one who cares for each other.

We started from a small store in 2014 in the beautiful garden city Bangalore, and ever since the journey has been quite crazy. We have spread our wings and flown far west ward to Australia where Kompanero has achieved quite a cult following. We are proud to say we are available in more than 250 stores in Australia, and the Kompaneros are flying off the shelves faster than we can make them. We have also been building up a steady presence across the high streets of UK. Closer home we have made an effort to reach your city through a network of 25 stores across the length & breadth of India.

While our bags and accessories were being loved, we quickly launched a range of handcrafted footwear in 2017. And this is just the beginning....

Conscious Capitalism


Sustainable fashion is all about being kind to our environment, responsible with our choices and use of resources. We, at Kompanero, are ardent supporters of this movement.

Plastic - Free World

We are truly averse to synthetic materials, and believe that plastic, PU and all other synthetic materials are leading us towards sure doom and the world would really do much better without synthetics. Hence our efforts are always geared towards the use of natural materials wherever possible and that is reflected in all aspects of our design whether it be our products or our packaging or auxiliary materials.

Our Leather

90% of our leather is Vegetable tanned in our own tanneries where we follow the best ethical practices.

Our Packaging

We wrap our leather goods in cloth dust bags for you to take home.

We use beautiful bio degradable cloth dust bags that are made of breathable fabric, which not only extends the leather product's life (protection from color transfer, sun exposure, excel moisture etc.)but enhances its beauty as well. And hey, they naturally dissolve within our lifetime too!

The cloth dust bags, made of cotton, are the best alternative to plastic or paper since they are reusable and eco-friendly.

Natural Inside and Out

Our philosophy is to be all natural. Not only is the exteriors of our products pure leather, even our interior linings are made of cotton, thus reaffirming our commitment to nature and the environment. Plus, it feels lovely and soft too.

Piece Dyeing

Each KOMPANERO bag is individually piece-dyed. Piece-dyeing limits or negates the need for stocking large amounts of inventory, reduces wastage of leather as well as water. Instead of tanning whole sheets of leather, we only dye the exact amount of leather needed piece by piece, thereby increasing the cutting yield leading to lesser wastage. Piece-dyeing also leads to much lesser effluent and pollutants as compared to traditional dyeing. Through this breakthrough technique, our usable leather yield has increased by around 30%.

It is our constant effort to align our actions toward a more sustainable environment and future and every small action matters. Although sustainable products are difficult and more expensive to make, when something is important it needs to be done.


We work closely with a local community of visually and auditory challenged destitute girls (school and hostel venture funded by Ramakrishna Mission). While many of them complete schooling and move on with their lives, a lot of them stay back in the hostels without jobs as they are not equipped to operate independently in the world.

We have recently set up a handcraft unit there to provide employment to these destitute girls where our team trains them on handcraft techniques such as weave, spiral patterns used on many of our bags thereby providing some means of self-dignity, financial independence and enthusiasm for future life. We are rapidly increasing more and more opportunities for them as an effort to empower and grow their craftsmanship with the greatest possible degree of independence, autonomy, and participation.

Apart from this, every year 1% of Kompanero annual sales goes towards our support for these girls. With every Kompanero purchase you will also be contributing to our mission to make the world a better place for them.