Laptop Bags

Stylish and Functional Laptop Bags

A laptop bag is the go to option for you if your daily routine involves travelling to the office, carrying stuff like laptop, files, documents, chargers, wallet and so on.

Read more/less Opting for a designer leather bag over a casual backpack will definitely set you apart in a crowd. Kompanero’s laptop bags for both men and women have interior and exterior compartments, zip pockets, laptop slots, pen and mobile holders which will help you to organise your essentials and at the same time carry them in style. These laptop bags are functional on the inside, with a contemporary design and a vintage style on the outside. These bags are highly durable, made with vegetable tanned full grain leather and are easy to carry, without giving a strain.


Make a statement at your workplace!

It makes you look professional while giving you complete control over your official belongings. When compared to other work bags such as messenger bags or backpacks, laptop bags have more dedicated laptop space, pen or mobile holders’ space, more pocket storage and flexibility to be worn in different types such as held on hand, on shoulder or cross body. They look the best when paired with formal attire.

How to choose the right laptop bag for you? 

All leather laptop bags at Kompanero are designs made with intricate craftsmanship. The single most important factor in selecting fashionable laptop bags is the amount of assets you want to carry. If you like to move around light and carry only the absolute basics with you, then opt for a more minimalistic design such as Ron. If you love a little design or logo to it, then you can easily choose from Eadwald or Cafa.

Cafa - This laptop bag is designed with leather that is 100% genuine. It consists of 1 compartment with laptop padded sleeves and an external pocket. It is stylish and durable, and is a must-have for the well-dressed men. 

Eadwald - The laptop bag is designed with 100% Genuine Leather, having 1 compartment with a laptop sleeve and external pockets. 

RON - A neat and hassle-free design makes Ron the perfect recommendation for those looking for a hip classy look. He is trendy all at once!

A Gift for all occasions

Your team can’t decide a farewell gift for your boss who is moving out to another department soon? A laptop bag is a great choice as leather accessories. Your partner is turning a decade older soon and you looking for that perfect gift exuding class? Guess what, a laptop bag is a great choice here too. 

The best part about gifting luxury laptop bag is that they work in place of both men backpacks and women backpacks equally well. All our work bags are gender neutral and hence work perfectly for both the genders. Don’t forget to check out our range of messenger bags and portfolio bags while you are at it! And of course, do opt for our gifting services at checkout and let us handle the rest. 


Laptop Bags- - FAQs

1. Are leather laptop bags waterproof?

Leather is always permeable in nature and has a tendency to absorb water. Yes, leather laptop bags at Kompanero are water resistant but not water proof. Too much water will make the leather absorb the water and it will become stiff and coarse after drying. This would make the leather of even a best laptop bag loose its supple texture. In humid places, if the spill over is not taken care of immediately, it might cause the leather to rot after a few days. 

2. Does a laptop bag count as carry on?

Yes, a laptop bag can of course be a carry on during your work travels. When you are flying and have to catch up on your work emails or have to work on a very important excel file for that client meeting, when you have to do those last minute modifications in a presentation just before landing, a laptop bag is just the right thing to store your laptop or tab in these bags with other assets like charger, notebook, headphones, pen, etc. so that they are within reach when required.

Kompanero takes care of all these needs by offering premium designer laptop bags made out of genuine leather, which is vegetable tanned and comes in beautiful colours like tann, cognac, blue and dark brown. The brand makes sure that you travel in style even for a work meeting, and makes leather laptop bags, which are handcrafted and will definitely set you apart from the crowd.

3. How to choose the right size laptop bag?

Buying best laptop bags can be tricky as it completely depends on the size of your laptop or macbook. The inches of your laptop or macbook decides the right fit of a laptop bag. Kompanero offers leather laptop bags in tan, cognac, blue and dark brown colours.

Also, authenticity of the leather used is of utmost importance. Kompanero suggests that a little research about the quality of leather used can be helpful. The best quality is a full grain or top grain leather and lasts long while developing a rich patina over time. All stylish laptop bags at Kompanero are made of full grain leather.

3. Are laptop bags unisex product?

Yes absolutely! Leather laptop bags by Kompanero are designed keeping in mind aesthetics of both genders resulting in a gender-neutral product. Be it the colors or silhouette, these leather laptop bags will surely add poise to your personality while keeping your change organized. All our designer laptop bags online are gender neutral. Both functional and stylish, they come in a variety of textures and colours to cater to different looks.

For men, it makes you look professional while retaining maximum functionality. It is the best option for people who just want to carry a laptop/macbook or an ipad/tab to work, with a few minimal essentials.For women, it is easier to reach out into and find something as compared to a backpack which takes more time to take down and open up. These laptop bags look stylish and are not heavy on the shoulders.



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