Passport Wallet

Travel the world in style with Kompanero’s collection of passport wallets

There is no doubt that a passport is the most important travel document we own. You do not want to lose it and live that nightmare. Hence carrying a leather passport wallet is a worthwhile investment to make.


Why do you need a designer passport wallet? 

  • They help keep your passport and other travel documents safe and accessible
  • They protect it from getting dirty and worn out 
  • They up the style quotient of your travel look 

Kompanero offers the best passport holders as they are more of a travel organizer than merely a passport holder. They can also house your boarding pass, credit cards, shopping cards, cash, papers, receipts, etc.

If you are a regular travel to another country, then of course you would need your passport to get through customs. However, you also need your business cards for meetings and you would surely be carrying some currency change from the last trip. Apart from this, travel insurance documents and credit cards are staples. Kompanero has the perfect men’s travel wallet and passport wallet womens for all of this- easy and safe in one place. 

The perfect gift for men and women

Think about your social calendar? Do you worry for ideas to gift your friends and family on birthdays and other occasions? Worry no more! If they love travelling (Which most people do), then leather passport wallets by Kompanero are the perfect gift. They are premium, classy and practical! 

If your family or beloved one already has a designer travel wallet, then check out our women wallets and men wallets and we are sure you will find something else which will be as lovely


Passport wallets - FAQs

1. How to select a leather passport wallet online? 

While selecting a leather passport wallet online, there is a range to consider basis frequency of your travels. If you travel to another country for a couple of days every month, you may need to reuse currency, hotel cards where you stay, passport obviously etc. hence opt for a bigger passport wallet that has dedicated zipped compartment for cash and various card slots. Also ensure that the leather used to highly durable and ages beautifully as you use it. 

2. Where will you find the best leather travel wallet? 

Felicity is our favourite leather passport wallet. Firstly, it’s got the signature Kompanero weave. Secondly, it can handle more than you think inside. It’s got 15 card slots, ticket slots, a handy slot for your Passport and boarding pass and a spacious zipped compartment for cash, loose change, Knick knacks etc. it’s more of a travel organizer than a passport holder! All of this is securely contained in an outer zip format which is so important when you travel. After all, losing your passport is the worst nightmare when you are travelling! Also, one of the best passport holders we sell is Jose- black, compact and classic! 

3. How sustainable are men's travel wallets? 

We at Kompanero are extremely focused on making our operating model as sustainable as we possibly can. While we are far from where we want to be, we are constantly making small positive changes that we believe will cumulatively add up and make the world a better place. Firstly, the leather used in our leather travel wallets is the best quality full grain leather which is vegetable tanned rather than the more popular but carcinogenic linked chrome tanning. How are we sure of this? Because we source all of this from our very own in-house tannery which is LWG Gold rated (highest standard in the world). The same premium leather is used in all products such as men wallets, women wallets, slim wallets etc. While this may be way more expensive for us, it is worth the extra buck as it is much more gentler to mother earth and its beings. As manufacturing for fashion definitely takes a heavy toll on our environment, we have ensured to invest in world class machinery which is built to operate using minimal water, power and have in-built waste management capability. When talking about the front end, we have used all natural materials to build our retail stores and even our packaging for designer travel wallet is bio-degradable cloth dust bags which are fuss free and eco-friendly 

4. What are the other uses of a designer passport wallet?

A designer passport wallet can be used in various ways if we just get a little creative. It can easily transform into a chic clutch bag for a night out in town. It can also double up as a wallet to house all your various shopping cards when you head out shopping. If you are heavy on cards etc, it is essentially a big wallet with space for bank cards, cash, driver’s license, shopping receipts etc. 


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